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Our story

Our story

Started in 2007 in Tabasco, managing R.H. For the oil industry, in 2009 we closed projects in Monterrey, Mexico City and abroad. We allied ourselves with different IT companies and in 2012 we consolidated the support center. In 2013 we renewed our mission, image and strategy, which caused GS to establish itself as a software company.

Our mission

We have the dream of being a national leader in software development, over the years we have been perfecting our methodology to make your ideas and needs our priorities. Each client, each project, and each system is an important step to reach our goal.

STEM Women

Gender diversity

At GlobalSoft we have gender diversity, 80% of our team is made up of professional women, this is something extraordinary for the software development industry. Intuition, empathy, disposition for teamwork and good treatment, they are capable of themselves that help to enrich the company.

Women programmers and developers organize and support each other, this generates something extra when working.


GlobalSoft across the years